Event Management Solutions

   Enroll, deploy and coordinate assets and personnel from multiple organizations in real time with Inovix - Event Manager.

   Used today by more than one hundred managers.

Access Solutions

   Protect your vital assets and image with our secure access control solution and biometric credentials.

   Intuitive for administrators, convenient for users and visitors.

Biometric SDKs

   Field tested, easy to use, world class biometric SDK products for integrators and solution providers.

Standard compliant, hardware independent and cross-platform.

Consulting Services our consulting services are focused on producing reliable software that satisfies our clients' needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and their needs, and then provide them with the best possible solutions.

Take advantage of our extensive expertise in biometrics, cross platform development, database design, multi-threading and web server solutions to help your development team produce better software. We offer short phone and email consultations, as well as custom training and more involved consultancy services. Find out more...

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