Biometrics is the science and technology that measures and analyzes physiological or behavioral characteristics. In the information technology context, biometrics refers to the use of such characteristics as fingerprints, iris patterns, hand geometry, voice, etc., for the purpose of verification or identification of  an individual.

Identity verification (authentication) takes place when the user claims to be already known to the system. In this case the biometric data obtained from the user is compared to a known user's data already stored in the database. Identification occurs when the identity of the user is unknown. In this case the user's biometric data is matched against all the records in the database, since the user may be anywhere in the database or may not be there at all.

Before a user can be verified or identified he must go trough an initial enrollment step. Samples of the individual biometric characteristics are captured using a data acquisition device such as fingerprint reader, microphone, etc. The collected biometric samples are used to produce a template (mathematical model) that contains the important features of an individual's biometric trait. The template is then stored for future recognition of the enrolled person.  

There are three different layers of authentication available for the security market:

  • Something you know - a password, PIN, or piece of personal information (such as your mother's maiden name),
  • Something you have - a key, smart card, or token and
  • Something you are - a biometric.

Of these, a biometric is the most secure and convenient authentication tool. It cannot be borrowed, stolen, or forgotten, it is resistant to fraud and it scares away impostors because they leave behind a personal identification trail.

Biometric technologies are currently used in a wide variety of industries and they are becoming more and more a part of our every day life, from government and telecommunications to e-commerce and Public Key Infrastructure. Recent advances in manufacturing devices, cheap computing power, open standards and breakthroughs in accuracy are leading an explosion in areas where biometrics can be used effectively.

Robust implementation of this new technology in computer security systems requires experience and  expertise. Inovix provides you with the edge you need to use these technologies with confidence.