Inovix Inc. is an independent software development company based in Princeton Jct., New Jersey USA; established in 2009. We specialize in advanced biometric identification solutions for commercial and government enterprises.

   Inovix partners with its customers from developing a vision and strategy to the deployment and realization of the security and financial objectives established.

    We are committed to provide business partners with cost-saving innovations, unparalleled reliability, up to date technology and implementation advantages. We offer our expertise to help address regulatory compliance, meet expected operating performance, improve productivity and enhance corporate security. 

   The Inovix team is comprised of top professionals from multidisciplinary fields: computer science, artificial intelligence, machine vision to name just a few. The management has extensive expertise in business, marketing, IP portfolio creation and software development.

    We are looking for investors & system integrators which can be solution and design partners and can help the company during the commercial development stage.

If you are interested in partnering with Inovix, Inc., or require further information please contact us at:         E-mail: