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... mutually benefit from networking and establishing working relationships with other event organizers and suppliers in our system.


... remote enroll thousands of users simultaneously. Conduct social media recruiting campaigns. Customize profiles. Capture biometrics.


... manage any type of event corporate or personal. Schedule own personnel or approve staffing offers from other event suppliers in our system.


... interactive reports with drill down capabilities. Monitor event attendance in real time. Review post event statistics.

Feature highlight

Manage events that require personnel from one or more organizations as easy as 1,2,3. Remote enroll thousands of users simultaneously.

The background

   Countless organizations are painfully e-mailing template based excel pages to each other in order to organize events. Some are trying to use personnel "scheduling" software only to be disappointed by their lack of specific event management features.

    One such event manager contacted us for help. He informed us that he tried to use a "Web Scheduling Software" that was recommended to him ... his needs were not met. End result: abandon the "Scheduling" software and return back to the pain of e-mailing and tracking excel pages.

An Event Manager with Initiative

In our initial meeting the Event Manager explained the steps required to manage an event and his challenge of coordinating hundreds of staff members. On the event site different locations have to be manned with personnel coming from multiple third party organizations.

The needs:

  • Ability to define a time and place for the Event.
  • Within each Event deploy and staff specific "Points of Interest" (POIs).
  • Staffing wise for each Point of Interest (POI) have an option between using own personnel or invite other organizations to staff it.
  • Review, approve and schedule all personnel for each Point of Interest (POI).
  • Ability to enroll new personnel fast and easy.
  • Ability to generate reports and asses the overall situation in real time.
Inovix Inc. worked closely with event management organizations to create and deliver the best Event Management solution in the industry.