Our consulting services are focused on producing reliable software that satisfies our clients' needs. Inovix Inc. is an independent software development company based in Princeton Jct., New Jersey USA; established in 2009.


We believe that Collaboration is the key to success — we work closely with our clients to understand their business and their needs, and then provide them with the best possible solutions.

We offer a free one hour initial consultation by e-mail or phone. After that we expect you to engage our professional consulting services as described below.

Consultancy and Training:

Take advantage of our extensive expertise in biometrics, cross platform development, database design, multi-threading and web server solutions to help your development team produce better software. We offer short phone and email consultations, as well as custom training and more involved consultancy services.

Custom Software Development:

Our software development philosophy focuses on using collaboration and feedback to produce reliable software to your specifications. We specialize in custom software development and have extensive experience developing a wide variety of applications for a multitude of platforms from software running on Windows CE in handheld devices to desktop applications for Windows/Unix and client-server or Web applications with multi-terabyte databases. We can develop custom software for you in a variety of languages — C, C++, C#, ASP MVC, Java, JS, HTML to mention a few.

Whatever your software development needs, we can help — whether you need an application written from the ground up, a custom modification to an existing application, or even just a simple front-end to an existing database.

From our office in Princeton Jct., we can develop software for you, wherever you may be located. For each new consulting project we create a new entry into our web based project management tool so that our client has full visibility into the development process. We allow our clients secure access to the source code management system containing the full project source code repository.  We provide live on-line demonstrations of software under development, as well as showing it to you in a face to face meeting. Our habit of extensive testing, working prototypes and collaboration with our clients means you can be sure that you know what you're getting, and you get what you need.

Project management:  The progress, organization and planning for each project milestone can be viewed online in our project management tool that includes: issue tracking, project Wiki, Forum and document management system. Live source code review with full repository commit history from day one is available for download over https from our Git source code management system. This allows the client to see the resources allocated to the project and the day by day development progress.

Working Prototypes: it is always easier to know if you like something when you see it. We develop numerous working, production-quality prototypes for our clients, so they can see the software as it progresses, and give feedback on each feature in development. This helps to ensure that our clients get the software they really need without having to know all the details up front.

Reliability: We work hard to eliminate bugs from our software with an aggressive testing regime — we write automated tests to verify that the operation of the software is correct, from day 1. As features are developed, the automated tests are extended to cover the new functionality.

Customer feedback: besides direct access to the project management tool and the source code repository, one of the techniques we use for collaborating with customers and obtaining feedback on work in progress is to demonstrate the software over the internet. This means that customers can see the software in action, without having to install it on their systems. This can be beneficial when the software is not yet complete, and we wish to demonstrate how a particular feature works — many customers are reluctant to install unfinished software on their systems to try it out. An online demonstration means they don't have to do this.

Online demonstrations: also provide scope for faster feedback — it's much quicker to start up a web demo than it is to ship a new version of the software to a customer, wait for them to find time to install it, and then talk them through it. This means that changes can be demonstrated as soon as they are ready, and also alternate versions can be shown in the case that the choice is unclear. The screen of our demonstration PC can be replicated across the web. All that is needed at the customer's site is a web browser. We send our users a URL to go to which then connects them to our demonstration PC. The display is updated in real-time. As an added bonus we can allow customers to control the demonstration machine from their end, giving them a chance to try out the software and see how they would use it. We also have the customers on the phone or Skype at the same time, so we can talk them through the software, or the changes that have been made. Though not as ideal as a face-to-face meeting, such an online demonstration is considerably less expensive and time consuming for both parties, and can consequently be arranged far more often.

Contact us to discuss your needs, and how we can help. We offer discounts for large projects and repeat customers.