Inovix Image SDK High Precision Rotation - Report

Some image processing algorithms may be tuned to work with images at a certain orientation and in order to make the algorithm "universal" input images have to be rotated. Obviously, the quality of the interpolation process has a large influence on the end result.

Existing software and programming language modules include such image rotation functions, unfortunately the end result after rotation is either distorted or most of the details get blurred out in the process.

To illustrate the performance of the image rotation routines inside the Inovix Image SDK we took this standard image

and rotated it first 30 degrees to the left and then back 30 degrees to the right in order to overlap with the original image. The absolute difference in pixel intensities is computed between the original and restored image and displayed as a difference image. The darker difference image indicates the best rotation algorithm. We display the image after rotation to the left and difference image to the right

The results for Inovix Image SDK rotation algorithm :

The results with HTML Canvas:

The results with C-Sharp:

The results with Gimp:

The results with IrfanView:

The results with Java:

The results with Perl:

The results with Python:

Inovix Image SDK offers the best performance as can be seen by examining the rotated and difference images.